Submitting Incident Reports

For most games in San Francisco, if you issue a caution or send off a player during a match, when you file your game report, you also need to submit an incident report. The incident report form must be completed in the event of any disqualification, penalty for flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct, "bench fouls," or other misconduct of a serious nature committed by anyone associated with a contest. The incident report form may also be used to report unsafe conditions of a facility, lack of cooperation or concern, or other incidents which, in your opinion, merit the attention of the Commissioner.

San Francisco AAA Boys and Girls High School and Middle School Matches

When does the incident report have to be filed?
You are required to submit your SFSRA game report within 24 hours of your match. However, you must report cautions and send-offs the same day of the match. Steve Valdespino is required to report cautions and send-offs to the school district at 8am the following day, so you must file it right after your match. If you are unable to file your report the same day, just ask one of your ARs to do it for you.

How do I file the incident report?

Fill out the AAA/CIF San Francisco Section Incident Report Form.

Peninsula Athletic League Boys and Girls High School Matches

  1. As soon as the game is over and before you file the report, contact Robert Casco immediately at 650-580-7354 to report red cards. (Only red cards are reported in PAL.)
  2. Complete your match report in Arbiter
  3. Click on the 'Report Misconduct' link in Arbiter
  4. Record requested information for all misconducts (yellow and red cards)
  5. an email will be generated to you and to Robert Casco containing all the required information
  6. You can also access the misconduct reporting app directly here.

US Soccer-Affiliated Youth and Amateur Games

Note: When you send off a player in a youth match, you must hold onto their player card.