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For US Soccer-Affiliated Youth and Amateur Games

Incident Reports

San Francisco AAA Boys and Girls High School and Middle School Matches

When does the incident report have to be filed?
You are required to submit your SFSRA game report within 24 hours of your match. However, you must report cautions and send-offs the same day of the match. Steve Valdespino is required to report cautions and send-offs to the school district at 8am the following day, so you must file it right after your match. If you are unable to file your report the same day, just ask one of your ARs to do it for you.

How do I file the incident report?

  1. Fill out the AAA/CIF San Francisco Section Incident Report Form.
  2. Once you submit it, you will receive an email copy. You must forward this copy to Steve Valdespino at

What should I include in my incident report?
Click here to see a PDF with instructions on what to include in your incident report. 

Peninsula Athletic League Boys and Girls High School Matches
  1. In the case of a send-off (red card), call Robert Casco at 650.580.7354 immediately after the match.
  2. Fill out the CCS/CIF Official's Incident Report Form PDF.
  3. Ignore the "SUBMIT FORM" button.
  4. Complete the form and then go to Print > Save as PDF on your computer.
  5. Include the match number, date, and field in the title of the PDF.
  6. Email the completed form to Robert Casco at