It's Time to Register for 2016

Registration is currently open to renew your badge for 2016. You also have until October 31st to complete your 2016 registration. The process has changed this year and registration must be done through The CNRA wesbite has excellent instructions on how to renew your badge, so click here to start the process. And don't wait - it can sometimes take months for your badge to come, so please register as soon as possible!

Downgrading of a Referee

A referee may be downgraded if the referee fails to meet any of the criteria for that grade. A referee can only be registered at the level where the criteria of a particular grade are met. If referees are downgraded, they do not have to spend a year in the lower grade. Referees may be upgraded when they have met the standard for that grade.

Change of Address Policy

It is the responsibility of the official to notify the national office of an address change immediately. Address changes must be in the national office before May 15 of each year to insure delivery of the registration renewal packet to the new or corrected address.

If a referee does not receive a badge and card, and has moved since the registration was processed, the badge and card may have been mailed to the former address. Referees should ask their State Referee Administrator to check the status of their registration with the national office. A five ($5) dollar service charge must accompany each request for a second badge/card mailing if there has been a change of address.

Referees Not Registered In The Previous Year

Any referee who was not registered with the U.S. Soccer Federation the previous year may be certified at the grade previously held after taking and passing the written qualifying examination, fitness test, and assessments. The following policy applies to referees who were previously certified and registered with the Federation:

  1. Grade 8 referees who miss 1-2 consecutive years of registration can be reregistered as a grade 8 after completing a Referee Re-certification clinic.
  2. Grade 8 referees who miss 3-4 consecutive years of registration can be reregistered after taking the Referee Bridge (Grade 9 to Grade 8) Course or the entire Entry Level Referee Training Course.
  3. Grade 8 referees who miss 5 or more consecutive years must re-take the entire Entry Level Referee Training Course.
  4. Grade 7 Referees and Higher - Referees can only be registered at the grade they qualify for. Referees who were Grade 7 or higher should be downgraded a minimum of one (1) grade, as per current policy (as long as they have met the criteria for that grade). Once they retake the appropriate course as listed above for grade 8 referees and have completed all the requirements for the previously held grade, they may be upgraded.
  5. Grade 9 Referees who miss one or two years of registration may be re-certified after fulfilling all re-certification requirements for that grade. A Grade 9 Referee who misses two years of registration can be eligible to take the Bridge Course (9-8) after he or she has met the requirements to be re-certified as Grade 9.
  6. US Soccer Federation Referee Instructors who wish to re-certify as a referee after a lapse in referee registration may be registered as a grade 8 referee upon meeting current re-certification requirements, no matter how long it has been since they last registered as a referee, if they are currently registered as a US Soccer instructor and have taught, at a minimum, one entry-level referee training course in the last two years.

Referees are registered annually, for the period January 1 to December 31. Current year Referee, Assignor, Instructor, and Assessor registration forms are accepted by the National Office from September 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the current year (10 months). Referees who did not have the opportunity to re-register during the prescribed current year registration period may register for the following year without penalty. (e.g. A referee last registered in 2002 may take a 2004 re-certification course in August 2003 without having to pay a 2003 registration fee.) HOWEVER, recertifying referees who wait until after June 30 to re-register should not be added to assignment lists until the following January 1. (e.g. A referee last registered in 2002 may take a 2004 re-certification course in August 2003 but shall not be assigned until January 1, 2004.)

Referee Packets

Every referee registered is entitled to receive a registration card and badge from the National office upon completing registration requirements.

Every renewing referee will also receive a copy of the Laws of the Game from the U.S. Soccer Federation.

In California-North, all newly certified referees will receive a copy of the Laws of the Game at their certification clinic.

Annual Renewal and Physical Fitness Requirements

Please consult the USSF Referee Administrative Handbook for current renewal and physical fitness requirements.