About the San Francisco Soccer Referee Association

Our Purpose

The San Francisco Soccer Referee Association is currently an unincorporated, non-profit organization founded for the recruitment, development and skill improvement of soccer referees, in association with, and under the guidelines of the California North Referee Administration and the United States Soccer Federation.

The SFSRA wants to hear from you. To request more information about how the SFSRA can help you with matters related to refereeing soccer, please contact us.

To request assignments to games assigned by the SFSRA, please visit Assignment.

Associates' Biographies

President, Richard J. Fern

District 1 Youth Referee Administrator
USSF State Referee
USSF Instructor
USSF Assignor

Robert Casco, Vice-President

USSF Referee

David Lucha, Treasurer

USSF Referee
USSF Assignor

Steve Piercy, Webmaster

Steve Piercy with South American soccer star Fang Owner of Steve Piercy - Web Site Builder, website programming, design and development for organizations and businesses. View the resume of Steve Piercy.

Websites by Steve Piercy
  • Referee 1981 - 2006, Retired as USSF State Referee 1 (Grade 5)
  • Retired State Referee Assessor
  • Retired Referee Instructor